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[Global GT, FXGT, Crypto GT] Is it possible to withdraw and re-register?

If you have actually opened an account but want to use another Forex company, or if you quit Forex and have no prospect of using the account, we recommend that you withdraw from the account instead of leaving it unattended. increase. The withdrawal process is not that difficult.
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[Global GT, FXGT, Crypto GT] Prohibitions and Penalties Violation of Terms

Every Forex company has its own set of rules. If you violate the rules, your profits may be confiscated or your account may be frozen, so please do not do it.
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[Crypto GT] Stocks and spreads handled, trading hours

Crypto GT is an exchange that mainly specializes in virtual currencies. However, there is a clear difference from other cryptocurrency exchanges, making it a very special exchange. In Crypto GT, you can trade foreign exchange and precious metals, although it is actually a small number.

[Global GT, FXGT] Stocks and spreads handled, trading hours

Global GT and FXGT are not Forex companies that specialize only in foreign exchange, in fact you can trade many other products. Since you can invest in other stocks such as stock prices, virtual currencies, and energy, we will introduce each stock and trading hours.
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[FXGT, Crypto GT] Relationship with Japan’s Financial Services Agency Financial license and safety Fraud company?

FXGT and Crypto GT are brands that have many Japanese customers. Therefore, it is a very interesting point to say whether or not they have obtained permission from the Japanese Financial Services Agency. Do these two companies hold financial licenses?
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[Global GT, FXGT, Crypto GT] eWallet and fund transfer

What you need to transfer funds is called an ewallet. There is a mechanism and a rule that you must go through eWallet when transferring funds. Therefore, this time, we have summarized in detail the precautions and methods of transferring funds.