[Global GT, FXGT, Crypto GT] Troubleshooting: I can’t make a deposit Solution

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Even though you have successfully opened an account, you may not be able to actually deposit money. If you can’t make a deposit, you can’t start trading. We have put together an article on how to solve this problem.

Solution for payment failure

The patterns and solutions when you cannot deposit are presented below. If you still do not understand, it is faster to ask the support center, so please refer to the following article and contact the support center.

Deposit rules

When making a deposit, you must follow the deposit rules. If you try to make a deposit without complying with this, it will be rejected and the deposit process will fail.

Deposit from the same person as the registered account holder

When depositing, you must deposit from a bank account, credit card, or online wallet account held in the same name as the registered account. If you do not follow this, it will be judged that the payment was made by someone else. The deposit will therefore be rejected.

Same method for deposits and withdrawals

For deposits, you may not care as much, but the deposit and withdrawal methods should be the same. This is for the purpose of preventing money laundering.

Credit card, debit card payment

Credit card or debit card payments must be pre-authorized. If you try to deposit without verification, it will be declined.

Deposit on weekends and holidays

In the case of bank transfer, the payment process itself will not proceed because the bank is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Please wait at least until the next business day.

Wrong remittance network address

If you enter the wrong remittance network address for virtual currency remittance, you will not be able to deposit. In the worst case, you may lose the remittance funds. By checking the input items again before remittance, input errors can be reduced.

Card company denial

In the case of credit and debit cards, the card company may refuse the transfer. You cannot deposit money without approval from the card company. First, contact your credit card company and ask them to remove the block.

deposit limit

In the case of credit cards and debit cards, if the number of deposits exceeds the maximum number of deposits, deposits will not be possible. This is also different depending on the card company, so please check the credit limit of the card company in advance.

Expired credit card

Expired credit/debit cards will not be accepted. If you can’t deposit, it’s a good idea to check the expiration date of your credit card.

Minimum deposit amount

The minimum deposit amount varies depending on the deposit method. Please note that the deposit will be rejected if the minimum deposit amount is not reached.

Insufficient funds

In the case of the sending card, Bitwallet or STICPAY, the balance may be insufficient to process the deposit. In this case, of course, payment processing is not possible.

Transfer code and transfer name

In the case of bank transfer, please be sure to add the transfer code and transfer name in the transfer name column. If any of these are missing, the deposit process will stop. Please contact the support center to complete the payment.