[Crypto GT: For Beginners] Crypto GT VS Gate.io Features, Leverage and Bonus Comparison

Crypto GT

Crypto GT is a recently established cryptocurrency exchange. However, since it is still an emerging exchange, there are not many users. Gate.io is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. I’m trying to figure out which one to use.

Crypto GT company profile

Crypto GT is operated by Hatio Ltd. Hatio Ltd is located in the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands is an island country with many financial companies, and there are many companies that operate FX. This is due to the relatively loose regulation of the Marshall Islands.

Account type and type

Crypto GT has only one account type. There is only one type, so you won’t have to worry about it. However, it is better to know the characteristics of the account and the specifications of the transaction.

reputation, word of mouth

Most users of Crypto GT are Japanese. I collected the opinions of the Japanese users, so I hope you can refer to the following article.

What is Gate.io?

Gate.io is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. The biggest attraction of this exchange is that it handles a large number of stocks, exceeding 1400. It is a virtual currency exchange that is popular with users around the world because it frequently holds bonus campaigns and events.


Crypto GT VS Gate.io

ItemCrypto GTGate.io
CompanyHatio LtdGate.io
Max Leverage500125
Number of Cryptocurrencies601400
Deposit MethodBinance Pay
Withdrawal MethodCryptocurrencyCryptocurrency
Zero cut
Deposit/Withdrawal FeeFreeFree
Mobile Trading
Web Trading
Trading MethodCryptocurrency FxSpot Trading
Future Trading
Spot Trading Maker Fee0.2%〜0.065%
Spot Trading Taker Fee0.2%〜0.065%
Future Trading Maker Fee0.2%〜0.065%
Future Trading Taker Fee0.2%〜0.065%
SupportLive Chat
Live Chat

Trade details

Crypto GT specializes in cryptocurrency FX. On the other hand, Gate.io is the same as other virtual currency exchanges, and it is a virtual currency exchange where you can do spot trading, futures trading, etc., and Crypto GT is a very special exchange. You know.

foreign exchange

While Crypto GT is a cryptocurrency exchange, it also handles foreign exchange. However, there are very few stocks that can be traded, so I think it will be unsatisfactory compared to Forex companies.

Maximum leverage

Crypto GT specializes in cryptocurrency FX, and the maximum leverage is 500 times. From that, you should be able to see that the leverage is clearly much higher than Gate.io.

Number of cryptocurrencies handled

In terms of stocks handled, Crypto GT is quite limited, and only around 60 types can be traded. On the other hand, Gate.io allows you to invest in over 1400 stocks, so it will definitely be different.

financial license

Concerns may arise, but Crypto GT and Gate.io do not yet have a financial license.

Open a free account

Crypto GT is a cryptocurrency exchange with very unique features in the world. You can’t do spot trading, but you can also trade stock indices and foreign exchange. Opening an account with Crypto GT is very easy and takes only a few minutes. You can open it for free.