[FXGT] Features, Reputation, and Reviews


FXGT is quite similar to Global GT in terms of functions, but it has changed its target and will be a brand for users in Japan and Southeast Asia. Therefore, there is a big difference to say that the user base is different. FXGT can be said to be a comprehensive broker because it handles not only foreign exchange but also stocks, NFTs, and even virtual currencies.


FXGT is a broker established in 2019. It is mainly operated by 360 Degrees Markets Ltd, and many users in the Asian region, mainly Japanese users, have registered and traded. Moreover, although it is a Forex company, there are so many stocks that it handles, and it supports not only foreign exchange but also stocks and virtual currencies.

AddressRoom 12, First Floor, Kingsgate House
Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Account TypeMini
Crypto Max
Trading Instrumentscurrency pair
precious metal
energy stock
Stock index
virtual currency coin
GTi12 index
DeFi token
Popular AreaJapan


FXGT is licensed by the Seychelles Financial Authority FSA. Therefore, traders will be able to trade with confidence.

Brands handled

FXGT has a wide variety of trading instruments. The main focus is foreign exchange, but it also supports precious metals, energy, stock indices, virtual currencies, and even NFTs, so it can be recommended not only for foreign exchange traders.


FXGT offers almost the same services as Global GT. The difference is that Global GT mainly focuses on Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Southeast Asia. However, since FXGT mainly focuses on Japan and Southeast Asia, the user base is different.

5 account types

FXGT has 5 account types. Depending on the account type, the spread is narrow, and the bonus is abundant. Therefore, it is a very user-friendly Forex company because you can use different account types depending on the strategy.


The bonus will be a relatively blessed Forex company. There are various things such as new account opening bonus, first deposit bonus, normal deposit bonus, so it is a very welcome system from the user side.

Features of FXGT

Features of FXGT include:

Deposits and withdrawalsBank transfer, virtual currency, online wallet, credit card, debit card
transaction fee×
Lot unit10,000 currency
Minimum transaction quantity0.01
Maximum trading volume200
Maximum number of positions200
margin call50%
stop loss20%
trading toolsMT5
account currencyJPY

transaction fee

Except for ECN accounts, FXGT basically does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, there is no merit on the user side, so you can feel free to trade.


FXGT supports various deposits and withdrawals. It is very easy to use because it supports not only bank transfers, but also online wallets, virtual currencies, and even credit and debit cards.

trading tools

The trading tool supports only MT5. Please note that MT4 is not supported at all. MT4 has no updates, and even if a bug is found, it will not be fixed. We recommend that you take this opportunity to switch to MT5.

Account currency type

There are many types of account currencies. Since it supports not only fiat currency but also virtual currency, it is easy to use not only for Forex traders but also for virtual currency users.

FXGT Reputation and Reviews

So, in fact, what is the reputation and word of mouth of FXGT? I tried to pick up the voices of users who actually use it.

Deposits and withdrawals are very fast

One of the reasons why FXGT has such a good rating is that the deposits and withdrawals are very fast. This is quite popular with users, and some users are surprised at the speed of response.

Virtual currency leverage 1000 times

In virtual currency trading, there are not many companies that say leverage is 1000 times. Therefore, it is very popular with users who mainly use virtual currency.

refusal of contract

It has been pointed out that some FXGT users often reject contracts. Looking at user reviews and reviews, the word “slippery” stands out. This means that the order is not filled at the price you ordered, but the trade is actually confirmed at a different price.

Compatible with MT5 only

In fact, FXGT does not support MT4. MT4 is a relatively old trading tool, but since it is only compatible with MT5, it may be difficult for old users to do it.

Plenty of bonuses

One of the most popular things about FXGT is that the bonuses are very generous. Since there is a deposit bonus, the bonus will be given every time you make a deposit.