[FXGT] Lot Calculation Limit, Max Lot and Min Lot Leverage Limit


FXGT has different lot limits depending on the account type. Therefore, you will have to be conscious of the lot when you first open an account. From small to large transactions, there are account types for each purpose, so let’s choose the one that suits you.

Trading currency volume by account type

The amount of currency traded actually depends on the account type. Only Crypto max changes depending on the stock, but everything else is fixed. The position that can be held even with the same 1 lot will change. The table below shows the trading currency amount per lot.

Trading currency volume
Crypto max

Maximum and minimum lots by account type

Maximum lot and minimum lot are different for each account type. Only Crypto max changes depending on the stock, but everything else is fixed. The maximum lot for the Standard+ account is 100 lots, while other accounts can trade with 200 lots.

Crypto max

Leverage limit

FXGT also has leverage limits. Leverage limit is limited by trading volume. Below are the leverage limits for FX currency pairs. Although FXGT claims that the maximum leverage is 1000 times, it is designed to be gradually restricted depending on the account balance.

Max Leverage

Lot calculation method

How does lot calculation work in FXGT? Margin is involved in holding a lot. The required margin per lot can be calculated as follows.

Trading currency unit × exchange rate ÷ maximum leverage of account = required margin

lot limit

There is a lot limit in FXGT. When trading, it is necessary to enter after considering not only the maximum lot but also the following.

Lot limit for one account

FXGT account types are limited to a total of 200 lots. You can not execute more than the lot limit of the account unit, so do not have more lots. If you have a pre-order, let’s take that into account and don’t exceed 200.

Leverage limit

FXGT is designed so that the account leverage decreases as the number of lots traded increases. Since the leverage limit by the account balance is applied, there is a possibility that the leverage limit will be applied unexpectedly.

Margin maintenance rate

The reason for the lot limit is the margin maintenance rate. The risk of loss cut is very high when trading with a large lot against the margin. If you do not set the lot setting to match the balance, you will get hurt.