[FXGT] Server location Stability, communication speed


FXGT is a very popular FX broker among Japanese people. One of the reasons why FXGT is popular is the communication speed, and most of the users are able to realize a fairly comfortable trade. Then, at what communication speed is it possible to trade?

server location

FXGT can only select MT5 accounts, but the location of the MT5 server is not in Japan. The trading server is very far away, in Frankfurt, Germany. If you want to trade, you will be accessing the German server. On the other hand, VPS servers are located in Germany, so the distance to the servers is much closer. It takes 0.2 seconds for normal trading, but it is said to be about 0.005 seconds when accessing from VPS.

ping response speed

FXGT’s ping response speed is 200-250ms. When the FXGT service started, it was said to be about 40ms, so this means that the number of users accessing the server has increased = the number of registrants has increased rapidly, and FXGT is a popular broker. confirms something.

What is ping response speed?

In Internet communication, information is exchanged between servers. “Ping” is the time it takes to send and receive, or the time lag. A lower ping value means a faster response. For LINE, Skype, and online games, it is said that “100ms or less” is the recommended environment, so FXGT’s environment is not necessarily good.

Your ping is your lifeline

If the “ping” value is high, a time lag will occur in online games such as trading where real communication is continuously performed, making it difficult to use comfortably. This ping value is so important that it can be said to be a lifeline in doing these things. This is especially true if you are a scalper.

When server delays occur

Server delays cause the following failures:

delay in execution

Due to server delays, you may not be able to make payments at the timing you want. You will miss the timing because the movement of the chart will be frame-by-frame. Ingenuity such as setting the limit price and stop price at the time of ordering is required.

order timing is off

Due to server delays, the timing of ordering may be delayed or orders may not be placed. If this happens, it will be a fatal blow, especially for short-term traders, so it will be very painful.

Other factors

In addition to other servers, delays may occur due to your own environmental problems. For example, router or modem failure, PC failure, smartphone failure, or even power shortage can be the cause, so it is also important to be able to isolate failures.

Compensation for loss in case of server failure

FXGT has experienced server failures in the past. This was in 2021, when the affected users were compensated. Therefore, even if something goes wrong, the management side will not leave it unattended. Users should think that they can trade with confidence.

Problems that occur even when the server is good

By the way, even if you assume that the communication speed of the server is extremely fast, the following problems will not be resolved. Even if you change the broker, it will not improve, so you have to accept it.

Influence of political and economic indicators

In addition to important economic indicators and interest rate policies, the world situation has been quite unstable in recent years, so there is also the risk of war. If a big event happens, the market will be quite volatile and the contracting power will drop, so it will be difficult for the order to go through regardless of the server.


Fast server speed has nothing to do with slippage. Since you will be accessing Germany from Japan, there is a good chance that you will slip. There will be a time lag, so you have no choice but to accept it.