[Global GT, FXGT, Crypto GT] Year-end and New Year holidays, Christmas, Golden Week, Obon holidays and trading hours

Crypto GT

In the case of Forex companies, business hours and trading hours are often affected when big events such as the year-end and New Year holidays and Christmas are approaching. Therefore, the GT Group has summarized as an article whether it is copper or not, so please refer to it.

Support center response

The support center will affect operations such as handling deposits and withdrawals and activating accounts. The support center is basically supposed to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but it tends to be closed for a few days during the year-end and New Year holidays. Regardless of the timing, it’s unlikely to have much of an impact. Therefore, traders can make inquiries with confidence.

trading hours

Trading hours are somewhat irregular. Also, it changes depending on whether it is Christmas or the year-end and New Year holidays. Please check the official website for any changes. Please refer to the article below for normal trading hours.

New Year’s Eve, Christmas

Many Forex companies and virtual currency exchanges tend to have irregular business hours and trading hours during the year-end and New Year holidays. Therefore, please check the homepage frequently. Because it may be closed at an unexpected time.

golden week

Golden Week is a long holiday peculiar to Japan. In Japan, many office workers take about 10 days off from the end of April to the beginning of May. However, this is only for Japan, and if you look at the world as a whole, it is normal, so please be aware that operations and transactions are carried out according to the calendar.


Obon is also a holiday period in Japan, similar to Golden Week. This holiday usually comes in mid-August, so most Japanese people have a day off, but from a global perspective, it’s normal. Recognize that you are operating and trading according to a calendar.

Be careful with Japanese brands

During Golden Week and Obon holidays, which are holidays unique to Japan, price movements tend to be different from usual. This is the time when the number of Japanese traders will decrease at a stretch, so it will be easier for trends to occur in trading of Japanese stocks and stocks involving the Japanese yen. One-sided movements are likely to occur, so be sure to cut your losses as soon as you go backwards.

virtual currency as usual

Virtual currencies can be traded as usual 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Only virtual currency is special, there is no rest period. If there is, it may be affected by server maintenance by the company.