[Global GT, FXGT, Crypto GT] What is a synthetic virtual currency? Features and trading conditions

Crypto GT

The GT Group has a brand called Synthetic Virtual Currency. Most of you have never heard of this. This symbol consists of a fairly novel currency pair and is very rare, so I can recommend it to users who have opened an account. In order to trade, you need to open an account.

What is a synthetic virtual currency?

Synthetic virtual currency is a combination of conventional financial products such as stocks and gold, and virtual currency. Trading currency pairs that combine traditional financial products with newly emerging virtual currencies. It is also a combination that has never existed before, so it will be very popular with users. Specifically, what kind of combination is there is a combination of products from different markets such as Bitcoin and Gold, Bitcoin and NASDAQ.

trading instruments

Currently, the following 10 types of synthetic cryptocurrency stocks can be traded.

Virtual currency/precious metalBTC/XAU
Virtual currency/precious metalBTC/XAG
Virtual currency/stock indexBTC/SPX
Virtual currency/stock indexBTC/NAS
Virtual currency/stock indexBTC/DOW
Virtual currency/stock investmentBTC/APL
Virtual currency/stock investmentBTC/MET
Virtual currency/stock investmentBTC/AMZ
Virtual currency/stock investmentBTC/TWR

Characteristics of synthetic cryptocurrencies

All synthetic virtual currency pairs are Bitcoin on the virtual currency side. Since Bitcoin is also a virtual currency, it is highly volatile and susceptible to price movements. It is also characterized by very high volatility, so traders should avoid placing too many lots. If an unexpected reversal occurs, it will be a big loss.

can be used as an index

All synthetic virtual currency pairs are Bitcoin on the virtual currency side. In other words, you can see Bitcoin’s strength in relative terms. Not only that, but it is also an indicator that allows you to see how other markets are performing against the cryptocurrency market. Synthetic cryptocurrency pairs are even easier to judge because Bitcoin is the key currency.

Trading conditions for synthetic cryptocurrencies

The trading conditions for synthetic virtual currencies are as follows, so check them before trading.

Target account

Synthetic cryptocurrency pairs are not available for all account types. Limited to Standard, Pro and ECN accounts.

Maximum leverage

The maximum leverage is 1000 times. However, Bitcoin tends to be quite volatile, so be careful.

Funding fee

Funding fees vary by account type.


trading hours

In the case of synthetic cryptocurrencies, trading hours are not 24 hours a day, 365 days a year because one side is precious metals and energy.

Stocks, trading productsTrading hours (Japan time)
Precious Metals/Energy CFD8:05 to 6:55 the next day
Stock index8:30 to 6:55 the next day
Individual stock11:30 to 6:00 the next day